Indian Geotechnical Society Kochi Chapter

IGS Kochi Chapter was inaugurated in June 2009 in Kochi with Prof. Babu T Jose as its founder Chairman. The objective of the Chapter is to provide a common forum for academicians, researchers, designers, construction engineers, equipment manufacturers and others interested in geotechnical activities. It also works for promoting cooperation among these stakeholders for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in Geotechnical Engineering and allied fields and their practical application. The Chapter has organised many activities in the past to the satisfaction of the members of the society and is duty-bound to continue with more vigour and interest. All the activities of the Chapter were well supported by the educational institutions and the Civil Engineering Industry. The Chapter has members from eminent institutions like CUSAT, AISAT, NIT-Calicut and many engineering societies like ASGCE, BAI, APS, CREDAI, IEI, ICI and others. The Chapter is confident of receiving full support from all these stakeholders including industries for successfully conducting IGC 2022.